Zero Boys Live At The Pizza Castle – 1981 captures the band just after they recorded the “Vicious Circle” album. They perform almost all of the songs from album except for “You Can Touch Me” and “Hightime” plus songs from the “Livin’ In The ’80s” EP. Singer Paul Mahern comments “that’s going to be on our album, its gonna sound much faster and harder” after playing “New Generation”. He also holds up a copy of the EP, trying to convince people to buy it for two dollars and a button for 75 cents. That sight alone should make all the record collectors cringe.”


“Coming on the heels of the latest reissue of Vicious Circle and History of …, Zero Boys: Live at the Pizza Castle — 1981 is a welcome video document of Indianapolis’ seminal punk band in its late toddler stage, after they found their feet with the explosive Livin’ in the ’80s EP and just before they gathered strength to record Vicious Circle.

At the time of the show, bassist Tufty Clough had just joined the band, but he had already formed a formidable bond with drummer Mark Cutsinger, particularly on songs like “Johnny Better Get” and “Down The Drain.” Singer Paul Mahern looks like a little kid, but he already had the swagger and command that made him the finest punk rock frontman this city has ever seen. “Amerika,” “She Said Goodbye” and the closing “Indianapolis” stand up as among Mahern’s finest moments. But guitarist Terry Hollywood, a manic ball of energy reeling off pick slides and feedback magic tricks, steals the show. His guitar work on a lyric-less version of “Blood’s Good” is extraordinary.

The set list is a Zero Boys fan’s dream: All of Livin’ in the ’80s and nearly all of Vicious Circle is represented, as are choice tracks that would later show up on History of … Sound and picture quality aren’t bad, considering that the source material is a 30-year-old videotape. Certainly it’s a vast improvement on the only other DVD of a Zero Boys performance available, a hideous-looking DVD of a Cosmos Pizza show from a couple years back.”

“This DVD is great.. Takes me back to a time when punk was punk not just another marketing scheme. Bands like this are the reason I’m like I am today.”
“Got my DVD yesterday and love it. You guys did a great job. I was at that show and I am having flashbacks!  Even better, I’m in the video, dancing at the end of Indianapolis (I’m the guy in the white shirt). I’d forgotten about getting up there and flaunting the local liquor laws. Thanks for bringing it all back home.  Zero Boys 4-ever.”
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“Just wanted to let you know that I watched the Zero Boys DVD last night and it is awesome.I’m really amazed at the incredible quality of the picture and the sound considering the age of the source material–you did a great restoration job.I was lucky enough to catch a live Zero Boys show a few months ago, but it’s really cool to be able to see them back in the day. Thanks for all your hard work!
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“If you haven’t seen the video you should really check it out. It is actually pretty high quality and the song selection totally rules.They even play some songs off of the first 7″ and the cassette tape that didn’t make it to the DVD that has already been released.”

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